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Macron and the people

After the presidential election, a lot of people here in France said the right is dead. Now, with the parliamentary elections, they are saying the left is dead. The real danger, as some speakers have been observing tonight, is that if Macron gets 85% of the seats in the Assemblé nationale, perhaps democracy will be dead too ... France needs a result like the UK; one that gets people talking to each other, and LISTENING to each other.

Working for the bank

When the left borrows more money to distribute to its supporters through more generous public services and welfare, it ensures that future generations of workers will be ever more profoundly enslaved by the banks. Because they will be working for the banks in the same way that anyone who borrows money becomes a debt slave .... And the odd thing is that the working classes (whether or not they are in work) often end up paying a lot of tax, because they pay VAT.  Not an easy problem to solve ....but the reflex of the right towards debt reduction is not a bad thing; in the end it makes everyone freer, and can lead to lower taxes and more disposable income, for everyone. One just needs to be sensitive about how one does it.