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In the spirit of my old friend, Joseph Pearce, I am trying to shed new light on a lady poet from 100 years ago

Under my pen-name, Edwin King, I am trying to shed new light on the work of Olive Custance, the wife of Lord Alfred Douglas. For more information, visit my special website

Government-bashing ...

I feel a bit sorry for Mrs May. Here's why:

Government borrowing is going down (ie. although the UK is still getting deeper into debt, the process has slowed).

Unemployment levels in the UK look set to reach a 44-year low.

500,000 people have come out of poverty since 2010.

Net immigration is falling (although people are still pouring in, they're pouring in more slowly).

All of these facts correspond to old promises made by the government.

So instead of congratulating the government, the left-wing press finds other things to gripe about : Rises in "relative poverty" or complaints about the wage levels of all the new jobs that are being created, or longer waiting lists for psychological services in the NHS (the example quoted by Radio 4 the other day was the long waiting lists for gender reassignment counselling ...).

Of course these gripes are certainly areas that highlight hardships for certain groups. But it does not help the cause of democracy to keep moving the g…

Boys are the future, for good or ill, and whether we like it or not ...

Today's upsetting news that a senior Scottish Episcopalian cleric is busy casting horrible spells on poor little prince George at least proves one thing: the way children turn out is the key to all our futures. And the boys of today will define what tomorrow's world is like, as boys of every generation have done for thousands of years. Whether we like it or not, boys are the key to our future.
Can anyone think of any civilisation, country or century which could disprove that assertion? No .... ?QED.

And yet, the education of football-loving boys has become a political football which has been so kicked around that it risks falling apart.
There is a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon in which Calvin one day tells his furry friend that he no longer wants to be called “a boy”. Hobbes thinks for a moment, and then replies: “Isn’t that what you are?”
Questions of gender and of gender identity are at the forefront of debates in modern education, but mostly the debate is not about how a reflection…

Macron and the people

After the presidential election, a lot of people here in France said the right is dead. Now, with the parliamentary elections, they are saying the left is dead. The real danger, as some speakers have been observing tonight, is that if Macron gets 85% of the seats in the Assemblé nationale, perhaps democracy will be dead too ... France needs a result like the UK; one that gets people talking to each other, and LISTENING to each other.

Working for the bank

When the left borrows more money to distribute to its supporters through more generous public services and welfare, it ensures that future generations of workers will be ever more profoundly enslaved by the banks. Because they will be working for the banks in the same way that anyone who borrows money becomes a debt slave .... And the odd thing is that the working classes (whether or not they are in work) often end up paying a lot of tax, because they pay VAT.  Not an easy problem to solve ....but the reflex of the right towards debt reduction is not a bad thing; in the end it makes everyone freer, and can lead to lower taxes and more disposable income, for everyone. One just needs to be sensitive about how one does it.