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Liberal Democracy still lives

How is it that my Liberal friends (yes, I have plenty) tell me that those who voted for Trump or for Brexit can't think for themselves, that they have been brainwashed, etc? Just because many are without university degrees, it is imagined that they are also without a brain. I have been listening to hardworking Texan truckers on a talk radio station from Fort Worth to get the feeling of ordinary Americans first-hand. On the whole, they are very impressive, God-fearing, thought...ful and caring. They are under no illusions as to Trump's strong and weak points, and approached their democratic duty seriously and prudently. Even NSBC revealed yesterday that 70% of those who voted Trump did so mainly for reasons relating to the Constitution and the Supreme Court (themes relating to abortion and political corruption predominate). These people are well-informed and have thought about their choices.

The truth is that those who voted for Trump or for Brexit, unlike many of those who d…