The Synod's Final Word

Just been reading the FINAL document from the Synod on the Family (out this evening), and it seems to be rather interesting and sensible. No revolution on doctrine, just being aware of changing priorities. On the doctrinal front, the teaching of Paul VI and John Paul II is amply referred to. The indissolubility of marriage is mentioned, with quotes from scripture. On homosexuality, the Synod quotes Benedict XVI and especially warns that individual local churches should not give in to government pressure to accept the notion of 'marriage' for those of the same sex. They also underline the scandal of international aid being linked to the adoption of such laws in African countries. It is in Italian and will probably not be translated:…/pubbli…/2015/10/24/0816/01825.html
There is some (perhaps deliberate) obfuscation in the paragraphs about pastoral care of the divorced and remarried ... but the idea of somehow devolving key areas of doctrinal and moral teaching to bishops' conferences has been avoided.
On the other hand there is some serious thought given to preparing couples for marriage and also giving them proper instruction in Catholic teaching. There is also a condemnation of the killing of embryos in IVF treatment, and the general reiteration of respect for life from conception to natural death.
There is also a general feeling that children and families are what the Church is all about. That is good. There is a prayer to the Holy Family at the end.
That's my take on it. Could be a good thing. Too early to say.


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