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What on earth are we doing?

What on earth are we doing? Half term is a good time to take stock and think about our lives at school. Here is what we say on the Chavagnes website about what we are all about. I guess we fall short very often, but this is what we are trying to do:   "In Chavagnes, Christ is the model for teachers and pupils alike. How could a traditional Christian education do anything else? ... we feel that our culture is at a crossroads, a choice between a culture of life and a culture of death; and the young people of today are those who will ensure that future generations will respond to the challenge of reclaiming our civilization for Christ." 

What a beauty!

Miss World 2013 is from the Philippines. Megan Young, 23, is against sex before marriage and thinks that the most beautiful thing in the world is an unborn baby. Praise God for real beauty. 

Catholic Choirboys, Cassocks and Carols

We need your help to give the choirboys of Chavagnes International College a well-deserved Christmas gift, to equip them for their litigurcal apostolate ...
Please take a moment to visit the link below!

Light in the darkness: Chavagnes scouts

Max, one of our Year 13 pupils, is installed as Assitant Scoutmaster. Our Scouts walked 15km to La Chabotterie the other day to the place where General Charette was captured at the end of the Vendée uprising. In what by all acounts was a very moving ceremony several new members received their neckerchiefs ('foulards') in the colours of Scarlet, gold and azure. More information about the aims of the Scouts de Chavagnes can be found on their site