Without faith, without truth, we cannot defeat the Powers of darkness

Interesting quote from Baroness Thatcher from Damian Thompson:

"Christianity is about more than doing good works. It is a deep faith which expresses itself in your relationship to God. It is a sanctity, and no politician is entitled to take that away from you or to have what I call corporate State activities which only look at interests as a whole.
    So, you’ve got this double thing which you must aim for in religion, to work to really know your faith and to work it out in everyday life. You can’t separate one from the other. Good works are not enough because it would be like trying to cut a flower from its root; the flower would soon die because there would be nothing to revive it." (Interview in the Catholic Herald.)

The first reading in her funeral service today, about defeating the powers of darkness only with God's help, was on the same theme.

The first hymn, "He who would be valiant be" reminded us that even the Iron Lady was, like all of us, a pilgrim. I did not always see eye to eye with her, but today I shed a tear for her, and will keep her soul in my prayers.

Beautiful music for her end-off. England at its best.


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