Refuse Antinous? It is going to be hard

Antinous, the Emperor Hadrian's
deified boyfriend. Hadrian's
subjects were forced to worship
him after the boy's death.
Our rulers in France accuse the opponents of gay marriage of not being 'straight' with their arguments. They are not putting on their cards on the table, the socialists say.
But that criticism cuts both ways. And the social reformers are hiding even more.

The transformation of birth certificates so as to include Parent A and Parent B, and the school textbooks that will follow on in order to promote the idea to children in primary schools, will have the effect of imposing a minority view about marriage and family on the majority. Schools will have to promote the excellence of the new arrangements, and little ones who say "but I have a mummy and a daddy" will be told to shut up.

It will no longer be possible for the child's mother and father to be publicly recognised as such. Acknowledging the fact of a mother and father will be become something banished to the private sphere. Discovering that new friends also come from a traditional family will be the kind of nice surprise one gets when one finds out they share the same religion or went to the same kind of school. But one never asks outright ... That would be rude. And soon, asking a guy if he ever had a mum and dad could soon even be illegal. References in schools (including children's stories) and public documents, to mothers and fathers will have to be modified so as to be freed from 'homophobia'. All of this is already underway ...

Then, the idea that one should be able to marry whomsoever one choses is a powerful one. But the problem is that once one accepts that there should be no limits on marriage, why not follow the argument through? If a man loves two women and they love him then perhaps one should not seem to fall into bigamophobia (and what about the Muslims, with all their wives?).

If it is all about sexual orientation then perhaps we need to be fair to bisexuals too; they are much more commonplace than homosexuals, and yet even more persecuted and marginalised by society; no marriage for them ... a successful businessman who wants to marry an energetic young man plus a warm, caring and elegant lady to be the mother of his children finds no comfort in the new social reforms ... but he no doubt will, if he can just hang on a few more years. Because once polygamy is opened up in order to be fair to Muslims, then bisexual marriage will have to come next in order to satisfy the sleeping giant of the bisexual minority (or will we discover that it's a majority?)

Promoting three-way bisexual marriage would even have the effect of solving the problem of where two women or two men will get the new baby from. No need for surrogate mothers or expensive medical treatment ...

It is all just a slippery slope into anarchy. And the custody battles in divorce cases will be so intracatable that we will in the end just have to leave the children at the mercy of the adults fighting over them, or doing worse to them ... what about the fact that the age of legally informed consent to sexual relations is dropping everywhere like a stone, and that judges are increasingly refusing to sentence couples for incest. It will not be long before the momentum gathers to legalise incestuous gay marriage (is it morally any worse, after all?) and perhaps even incestuous heterosexual marriage, and certainly the legal situation of adolescent children is going to become increasingly problematic; if 13 and 14-year-old children in countries such as Spain and Germany can legally have sexual relationships with an adult, then what happens if they campaign for the right to marry?

So, opposition to gay marriage is also opposition to an enormous and barely veiled agenda of social reform that is gaining enough momentum to keep Pandora's box open for decades to come, until such time as our families and relationships are in the biggest mess they have ever been in since Adam and Eve. Talking about this in public, and in my job as a schoolteacher, is going to get harder and harder.

Soon, I fear, we will all be worshipping the beautiful Antinous if we want to stay out of jail. Who dares stand up to the Emperor?

Desperate thoughts on Good Friday. But there is a lesson in that: our Lord's disciples felt, no doubt, that they had failed and been abandoned that day, only to discover that all that suffering and confusion was a prelude to the glory of the resurrection.


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