Breaking the chain ...

Am I the only one out there who doesn't like chain letters? If I had to count the number of curses brought down on myself, the incredible world records not quite achieved and the hordes of dying children throughout the world ... all because I bin chain letters, well, I think I would certainly run out of fingers and toes to count with.

Still, I have been invited (by a lady called the Joyful Papist into a super blog-a-thon and I am going to be pragmatic about it. I get asked 11 questions and am invited to ask 11 more questions to 11 other bloggers. I'll just answer the questions and leave it at that. I hope that's OK.

1.What five books would you take to be marooned on a desert island with?

I'm going to cheat: complete works of Shakespeare, Complete Works of Dickens (big book!), the biggest poetry anthology I can find, the Divine Office and the Bible.

2.What’s your favourite board game?  Monopoly, of course.

3.Have you read a children’s picture book so often you can recite it sight unseen cover to cover? If so, which one? Afraid not.

4.Name one of your favourite music artists. Derek Bell, on the Irish harp.

5.Describe one of your favourite deserts. Cranachan, containing sour cream, oats, whisky and raspberries.

6.Who invented the pavlova, and in which country? Some Russian, I suppose, after Anna Pavlova.

7.How is your parish marking the Year of Faith? Doing more photocopying, I expect.

8.Who is your favourite saint? St. Ignatius Loyola.

9.What Mass (or Masses) do you generally go to at Christmas? Usually just Midnight Mass, unless I'm stranded in rural France. Then I go on Christmas morning, having watched the Midnight Mass from Rome on the television.

10.What about Easter? The whole Triduum, with the Vigil; sometimes Easter morning too, if I'm not too tired.

11.What’s your favourite devotional practice? Benediction/Adoration; although I often say the Rosary at the same time if it's a long period of adoration. So the Rosary would be a close second.


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