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Breaking the chain ...

Am I the only one out there who doesn't like chain letters? If I had to count the number of curses brought down on myself, the incredible world records not quite achieved and the hordes of dying children throughout the world ... all because I bin chain letters, well, I think I would certainly run out of fingers and toes to count with.

Still, I have been invited (by a lady called the Joyful Papist into a super blog-a-thon and I am going to be pragmatic about it. I get asked 11 questions and am invited to ask 11 more questions to 11 other bloggers. I'll just answer the questions and leave it at that. I hope that's OK.

1.What five books would you take to be marooned on a desert island with?

I'm going to cheat: complete works of Shakespeare, Complete Works of Dickens (big book!), the biggest poetry anthology I can find, the Divine Office and the Bible.

2.What’s your favourite board game?  Monopoly, of course.

3.Have you read a children’s…