Why a run or a fight can solve your emotional problems ...

Well, if you are a boy, at least. If you are a woman, it seems talking is the best therapy. 'Catholic schoolmaster' has a thoughtful article on the subject, here.  The odd thing is that we are - it seems to me, perhaps thanks to the influence of feminism  - conditioned now to think that talking through problems is the superior way of dealing with them, and yet it is difficult to replicate the feeling of well-being one gets from a swim or a long walk. I even felt it after my rather meagre efforts in our staff vs. boys football match at the end of term ...
I remember an old priest of the Diocese of Aberdeen, Canon McQueen, who used often to be sent wayward priests by his bishop. The story is twenty years old, so it is safe to tell it, and the Canon must have gone to his eternal reward by now. The angst-ridden young priests would arrive pleading that they had lots of problems to discuss. He used, he claimed, simply to give them a packed lunch and tell them to climb the mountain near his house. While the young priest was up on the mountain, the old priest would spend all day cooking a fine meal (he was a great cook). Then when the young priest came back, radiant from his exertions, the Canon would serve him the fine meal, with a couple of bottles of good wine. Then, over the desert he would say : "Now, about those problems ..." and the young priest would usually say something along the lines of how the problems now seemed to have become less of a worry to him and that he really felt much better; everything was now in a better perspective.

Recent Boys vs Master game.
Schoolmaster makes the point that men do need to learn how to talk about their feelings too, but that for a teenage boy it does not come easily and should be done, if at all, with caution, and - I guess - not in front of the ladies.


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