Theatrical week in London

Just returned from a week of culture in London. For £5 per ticket, I enjoyed Henry V, Richard III and The Taming of the Shrew in Shakespeare's Globe, near London Bridge. Lovely weather, great atmosphere and nothing to do with the Olympics. Although London was looking very clean and tidy, no doubt to impress all the visitors; I was certainly impressed, with London in general and the Globe in particular.

The problem with the Globe is that it is unusable outside of the tourist season, because of the rain (it is open to the elements). So they are building another one, a Jacobean indoor theatre, for about 12 million pounds (!) just next door. This will enable them to stage Shakespeare plays with that touch of added Jacobean authenticity, all year round. And the new theatre is going to be lit, apparently, entirely by candles.

700 standing tickets are available for each and every perfomance at the Globe, but you need sturdy legs and you will get wet if it rains.


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