Our Lady of Eton, Assumed into Heaven

Once upon a time, pilgrims, wearing badges like this one (you can buy a replica for £3.50 from www.noctule.co.uk), received a plenary indulgence when visiting the Chapel of Eton College on the Feast of the Assumption. the pilgrimage was not the only mark of devotion to Our Lady at Eton: the boys also used to recite the Little Office of the BVM, starting with Prime as they made their beds.

As with many other pilgrimages, this one was abolished under Henry VIII.
But Eton continued to reverence the Mother of God

After the Reformation, under Cromwell, the boys fought back the Roundheads to protect their beloved Virgin, ensconced above the front door of their school. The soldiers got the message and did not come back; She is still there today, being lifted into Heaven by two angels.


jotham said…
During Lent of 2014, and again this week (Lent 2018) Fr Alexander Sherbrooke led a group of pilgrims to Eton College, to reverence the memory of the college's saintly founder, Henry VI, the shrine of Our Lady of Eton (the gilded statue is no more, but the angels still stand guard over the place as they did over the Ark of the Covenant), St Ralph Sherwin and other Martyrs of Eton, and the White Martyrs you mention in your post. (I thought it was Thomas Cromwell's men.) The boys' bravery left the statue on Lupton's Tower as one of only three public statues of Our Lady in England to survive the iconoclasm, so I am told.

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