French universities at bottom of the heap ...

Mitterand receives a French honorary degree.
A French parent told me today about an article she had been reading about universities. The gist was this: American universities are rated at the top, UK ones at number 2 and French universities come in 51st in the international ranking.

Now, I wonder whether that has something to do with the stranglehold of state control on the management of Higher Education in France, even down to the political and ideological control of the content of degree programmes.

It is significant that the university that has come top in the Times annual survey of student satisfaction every year for at least the last six or seven years is the University of Buckingham, the institution with the lowest level of government interference in Britain.

Here come the French ...
Edinburgh is free of charge for French
students, but not for Englishmen!
We are pushing our older French boys here to apply to the better UK universities and the US Ivy League. Of particular interest for our continental European boys here are the Scottish universities which, because of a quirk of European legislation, are completely free of charge for continental Europeans and Scots, but up to £9,000 a year for the English! One of our French boys has applied to Cambridge this year, but might well opt for Edinburgh instead even if gets an offer from Cambridge, simply because of the potential saving due to the tuition fees issue.


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