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Father Rowe's blog

Don't forget to visit Father Rowe's blog. He is our new chaplain, and so far doing a splendid job at Chavagnes, even if his hats take some getting used to. Thank-you, Father. His blog is at :

Old and new

Someone showed me a depressing page of correspondence in the Tablet the other day; all about the new English translation of the Missal. Hardly anything has changed, but the changes will certainly take a few months to get used to.
It is difficult to adapt; this was a challenge for many Catholics in the 1960s and 1970s and those who expressed their pain at that time, when the changes were much greater, were not listened to. One priest suggested that the overhaul of the English text was going to drive him to breaking point. We need to listen to him, and people like him. But with changes so small, I can't see the need for any concession about the change. There is a God and a Church beyond all these texts, and obedience and love gets us through all difficulties including having to change our old habits sometimes.

Those most upset by the Benedict XVI changes are probably those who showed the least love and understanding for those still reeling from the Vatican II changes. Now they unde…