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Just for kids ...

My good friend Denis Boyles is this year continuing to host the Brouzils Seminars, courses for aspiring writers.

This year I am especially happy to be associated with the Turner-Tripp Workshops, which will focus on empowering aspiring creators to launch books, screenplays, teleplays, or other projects intended for children and their parents.

In an age when wholesome entertainment for children is sometimes hard to find, this initiative will help new writers with good ideas to bring their projects to completion.

The course is being hosted by two world experts in the field:

Jenny Tripp was recently nominated for the Sequoyah Book Award for Children's Literature. She’s the author of Pete and Fremont and Pete's Disappearing Act (Harcourt), and Fais Do-Do, a children's picture book, forthcoming from Harper-Collins. She is a Lifetime Member of the Writer's Guild of America and has written for most of the major studios in a variety of genres, from feature animation, to live actio…