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The Scout Law : Chavagnes version ...

Chavagnes scouts after a 10km orienteering challenge ...
Here is the text of the Scout Law, as adapted by the Servant of God Father Paul Sevin, father of Catholic scouting. The text is based on Baden-Powell's original and Fr Sevin's version was approved by him. It makes it clear that the Scout Law is essentially a call to the evangelical counsels, adapted to our individual states in life, in a special relationship of love and respect for God's creation. Many of our boys will be making a promise to follow this law, in mid November. Please keep them in your prayers.
The Scout Law
1. A Scout’s honour is to be trusted.
2. A Scout is loyal.
3. A Scout’s duty is to serve and save his neighbour.
4. A Scout is a friend to all and a brother to every other Scout.
5. A Scout is courteous and chivalrous.
6. A Scout sees in nature the work of God; he loves plants and animals.
7. A Scout obeys without question and does nothing by halves.
8. A Scout is self-disciplined: he smiles and whistles under all difficulties.
9. A Scout is thrifty and takes care of other people’s possessions.
10. A Scout is clean in thought, word and deed.

(Based on the version of the Scout Law adapted by the Servant of God Father Jacques Sevin SJ, father of Catholic scouting, and approved by Lord Baden Powell.)


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