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Butcher Obama and the Reverend Father Colonel Norman Weslin, (US Army Retired)

In the week Notre Dame University sold its soul to Obama and his radical abortion agenda, here is what the same Catholic university is doing to an 80-year-old priest.

One would have thought that for a Catholic institution, the courteous response to a peaceful protest like this from a good and holy priest would be to invite him in to the Vice Chancellor's office to make his case.

With the latest Guantanamo news, it seems now that Obama is failing to deliver on all his manifesto pledges. Thank God that even his abortion promises are having to be toned down too, although no doubt he can still do great damage in four years. Photo from 'daylife':

Chavagnes: for a real Classical education!!!

We just had a great Roman banquet for the young intellectuals in my Latin class. Check out the College website for details and photos.

Claus von Stauffenberg, Hitler and the Catholic Faith. Thoughts for VE Day 2009

Tom Cruise's film 'Valkyrie' about the failed assasination attempt on Hitler by Colonel Count Claus von Stauffenberg was, according to critics, a film about Cruise trying to kill Hitler, rather than about Stauffenberg trying to kill Hitler. But it was a great movie, nonetheless, according to one of my pupils who really enjoyed it.

The media was fascinated by the Stauffenberg family's criticism of the casting of Cruise as Stauffenberg, lest this would be used as a platform for promoting Scientology. The Stauffenbergs are staunch Catholics. The German state also attempted to ban the film, because Scientology is (quite sensibly) considered a ridiculous financial scam in Germany. In the end the film was shown, and it reflected well on Germany and Germans as a whole, though it amost totally omitted mention of Stauffenberg's Catholicism, except for one quick prayer.

In the recent Figaro special edition « OpĆ©ration Walkyrie. Ils ont voulu tuer Hitler », Jean-Louis ThiĆ©riot …

WorldPay CARD transaction Confirmation

If you get an email with the above header, don't open it. And, most especially, don't open the attachment. Apparently, it is a virus that interferes with (or steals) your email addressbook information and other similar data.

I got this today and was careful not to open the attachment, although I did open the email.

150 years of evolution

We had a debate last night about Evolution. On the motion 'This house believes that men and chimpanzees have a common biological ancestor' the result was 10 against, 6 for and 4 abstentions. Of course, people were voting partly from conviction, partly on the quality of the arguments.

A thought struck me afterwards: the chance of one species mutating into another (presumably at the moment of conception) is pretty slim, even by the standards of a fully-fledged evolutionst. That's why it only happens every few million years. So, if Adam and Eve's parents were apes, and one day, perhaps after having several ape children, they had a child which turned out to belong to a brand new species (pre-historic man), how could they be sure that the same statistical miracle of chance would happen again so that the child could find a mate of the same species to mate with? After all, he/she would not be able to mate with the old species (ie of his parents), because whenever one species m…