Prayers for Vincent Nichols

We at Chavagnes are very grateful to Archbishop Vincent Nichols, because - as Archbishop of Birmingham - he was kind enough to send us a chaplain for our school, Fr Anthony Talbot! On a personal level I remember meeting Archbishop Vincent at a conference of Catholic and Orthodox believers a few years ago, and was impressed by his kindness and courtesy on that occasion.

Also, when I organised a conference on the liturgy in Oxford a while back, Archbishop Nichols was very encouraging and helpful.

And so now that he is moving to Wesminster I am happy to support him with my congratulations and prayers and will certainly be asking the boys to pray for him, when they come back from their Easter holidays. The Archbishop spoke the other day of his obedience to the Holy Father, a theme which will be further emphasised no doubt once he is made a Cardinal. Obedience to Pope Benedict is certainly to be encouraged and applauded ...

Eyes are now on Birmingham, of course. As Archbishop Nichols said in his press conference the other day, Birmingham was at the heart of the nineteenth century restoration of Catholicism in England. So it's an important appointment. We need to pray that the Holy Spirit will help Pope Benedict find the best man for the job. Perhaps Pope Benedict is saving the other Nichols (Fr Aidan Nichols OP) for that ... I hope so.
There are interesting times ahead for England now, especially as Pope Benedict might well be coming to visit the UK.
And a general election looming ...


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