Save Lives: join the prayer crusade against FOCA

Barrack Obama, soon to be inaugurated President of the United States has promised to do all he can to bring the Freedom of Choice Act into law as soon as possible in the USA. The FOCA bill will be put before the new US Congress soon and - if it becomes law - will have a disastrous effect on American society.

The bill will remove all restrictions against abortion.
It may legally pave the way for obligatory abortion in the future (in cases of rape, handicap, etc).
It will oblige all hospitals - including religious ones - to carry our abortions

The US Catholic bishops have said they will close all Catholic hospitals in the USA (that makes 30% of all hospitals in the country) if the bill becomes law.

For Obama this is a real ideological issue. Before his election he promised that this was the first law he would sign, and claimed that it was necessary in order to 'end the culture war'. In other words, the final victory for the culture of death in the USA. With the US bishops and laity, all Catholics are invited to join in prayer to prevent this bill from passing into American law.

For more information on this bill, visit: and

Here at Chavagnes, we are praying daily for this bill to be defeated.


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