Political freedom ...

Another aspect of the FOCA proposal in the USA is that individual doctors will lose the right to refuse to perform abortions or refer for them. That means that it will become impossible for a Catholic to practise medicine as a General Practitioner or as a Gynaecologist.

Meanwhile, in Luxembourg, the Grand Duke is refusing to sign legislation that would legalise 'active euthanasia' (doctor-assisted suicide). The parliament has suggested legislation that would remove his legislative power and reduce him to a mere figurehead who no longer promulgated laws. The Grand Duke has accepted this if that is what his people want.

However, a campaign is underway to persuade the sovereign not to reounce his prerogatives, especially as at the next general election the new parliament would probably not wish to pursue the legalisation of euthanasia.

Interestingly, two countries with a big influence on Luxembourg public opinion, France and the Netherlands, have gone in opposite directions on this question.

Needless to say, the French television news is silent on all of these important issues.


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