My saint for our All Saints Party

In case you are curious, I decided in the end to dress up as Saint Uncumber, or Wilgefortis. In fact her existence has been discredited, but the story is that she was a Portuguese princess who was promised in marriage to a pagan. She prayed to be made very ugly so as to escape her fate. Her prayers were answered (she even grew a beard) and so her father crucified her. There is a chapel in her honour in the Loreto Convent in Prague, which I saw a few years ago. It is rather eery ... My colleagues, and a few visitors thought it an odd choice. I think I will have to be more conservative next year. I already have an idea that I could go as Moses, with horns ... the way he is sometimes represented in art, because he came down from Mount Sinai and the 'horns of God' (an expression meaning 'glory') radiated from him.

Omnes sancti Dei: orate pro nobis!


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