"Come and see" : a chance to experience Chavagnes for a week

"Can anything good come out of Galilee?" someone once asked (in John 1:46), and the reply came: "Come and see".

We are issuing the same invitation to boys between the ages of 9 and 17 who would like to experience Chavagnes for a week ...

We are calling it the Chavagnes Taster Week for potential pupils. From 16th-20th February 2009, we are inviting boys aged from 9 to 17 to come and spend a week here with us and experience the Chavagnes routine, join in some classes, meet the other boys in their age group, participate in some fun activities and discover something of our very special region of France, the Vendée. The cost for this week (from Monday 16th to Friday 20th) is just 75 pounds or 95 euros. It coincides with the half term holiday of many schools in the UK, so plenty of potentially interested young men should be free that week.

Please contact me at office@chavagnes.org if you would like to book a place.


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