Mr McDermott's new enthusiasm

My new enthusiasm (sigh ...) is AQA's pick-n-mix A-level and GCSE syllabuses for Religious Studies. It is possible to design a very rewarding RE programme around these examinations which are essentially composed of an enormous list of options, from which one can choose a thoroughly Catholic selection. This is one of the joys of the British market-driven exam system, where quality is assured, but pedagogical and academic choices are left to schools and parents, rather than to the State or the exam boards.

I am building a site to house good Catholic resources for these excellent examinations:

We are doing Old Testament and New Testament as our options for the AS-level. For the A2 we have some great possibilities such as the Counter Reformation and Ethics, as well as more Scripture.

I am using Fr Lawrence Boadt's Reading the Old Testament (Paulist Press) and The Literary Guide to the Bible (Alter and Kermode, Fontana) and so far have found these a good basis; the former for commentary and the latter for convenient summaries of content.


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