Joint marketing

It is not good for man to be alone, says the Good Book. Following this spirit, Chavagnes has launched a joint marketing initiative with La Bonne Nouvelle, our like-minded girls' school. This most emphatically does NOT mean that we are thinking of goind 'co-ed', but it does mean that we will working together to make our schools better known, and to promote La Bonne Nouvelle/Chavagnes as a practical solution for families seeking the same kind of Catholic education for their daughters and their sons.

Both schools are real Christian communities where prayer and regular attendance at Mass are part of school life; both schools encourage fluency in French and English from within a basically British curriculum structure. And we also work together for various theatrical and musical efforts each year.

The first stage in our joint marketing strategy is the launch of a series of combined 'launchpad' sites that will direct enquirers to Chavagnes for their sons and to La Bonne Nouvelle for their daughters. went live today and we hope it will start to generate more visits to the sites of both schools.

The plan is that by pooling some of our efforts we might be able to help each other to grow. So please keep both schools in your prayers.


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