Catholic Halloween? The Eve of All Saints

On Friday 31st October, while everyone else is either studiously avoiding Halloween or else honouring it by dressing up as a devil or a ghost, we at Chavagnes, for the 7th year running, will be disguising ourselves as historical saints.

Having previously attempted St Isidore of Seville, St Edmund Campion, St Anthony of the Desert and, I forget the others, I am quite lacking in inspiration this year ... any suggestions?

To be honest, I'd really quite like to dress up us a wizard or some other kind of spirit of evil, as we used to do when I was a child, but that would be against our rules.

The rationale behind our way of celebrating All Hallows Eve is this: the modern celebration of Halloween has got so far from its Christian roots as to end up glorifying witches and devils as an end in itself. So, by dressing up as saints, we remember the true meaning of the Feast and remind ourselves that we should imitate the saints in all that we do.


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