And another thing (re French national curriculum changes)

One more thing has struck me after reading through the latest news from Le Monde - Education. It seems that whereas currently French children are asked to study France and the European Union in the 1st year, they will now study Africa in the 1st year and France/Europe in the 4th year. This seems to me almost as topsy-turvy as the proposed changes to the history syllabus.


Anonymous said…
Just another reason why the state shouldn't be in charge of curriculum in the schools. Don't you think?
I quite agree. The state ought probably to have a role in ensuring high standards of literacy, numeracy, etc (the tools of learning) but not in the content of what schools (especially private ones) and parents choose to teach their children.

Perhaps there is a case for preventing teachers and parents from teaching kids to be terrorists or bank robbers and suchlike, but this role of the state must not be over-played (as it can be, regretfully, in France).

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