Mr McDermott diminishes ...

Since taking over the day-to-day running of the College in October 2007, I have lost 4 kilos. (for the metric martyrs among you, that is about 10 pounds). I am on a diet, but I have the impression that this is not the reason. It is doing me good to rush around, to do more teaching, and to spend less time in front of my computer.

However, if the College is ever going to accommodate 60 or 70 boys, which it needs to do, in order - I would suggest - to really come into its own, I need a dynamic helper to implement, while the College is still relatively small, the systems and structures that will be necessary when (note, I don't say if) it grows to 60, 70 or even 100 pupils. And, if I keep losing 4 kilos every 6 months, my mathematics tells me that it will not be too long before I waste away, or at least come closer to a normal size and shape, which would play havoc with my expensive wardrobe.

That's why we have started advertising for a new Head Master for September or January. We are not going to recruit just anyone. For the moment, as you would expect, I am happy with the way things are moving under my own leadership. However, in order to find the right man (yes, alright, I concede, a better man) for the job, we need to start looking now.

I invite you to join me in praying that Almighty God will inspire the right person and fill his heart with zeal; and that, together, we will be able to bring to wonderful fruition the beautiful work of Catholic education that we have begun here at Chavagnes.

With this thought and prayer, I wish you all a very blessed Easter.


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