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The recent documentary

A few comments would seem to be in order regarding the recent documentary about Chavagnes, shown on UK television.

The documentary seems to have concentrated on what makes Chavagnes different from other schools, rather than what makes it similar to them. In fact, most of the time boys at Chavagnes are engaged in exactly the same kind of academic work, sports and cultural activities as boys at other boarding schools.

Here are some examples:


There is a high level of literary culture in the College which was not at all represented in the documentary, although it was extensively filmed.

This academic year we have organized three plays at the school: Christopher Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus, a Medieval Passion Play sequence and a dramatization of Oliver Twist.

Boys participate in regular debating and learn poetry off-by-heart for public recitation in inter-house competitions.

Boys from Chavagnes have won prizes in national writing competitions and had their work and lett…