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Exposition after Sunday Mass

I will linger yet awhile
At the table of the Lord
And let the heavenly muses
In my heart a hymn hum.

And with those hallowed hosts
Will gently baby-rock
The silent, sweet and saving thought
That God became a tiny child

And crucifixion underwent
Before he rose again
That he might in the sacrament
Lend life and love to men.

A Hymn for Catholic teachers and their pupils

Hymn attributed to St Clement

This hymn to Christ the Saviour may have been sung at the catechetical school in Alexandria around 200AD, making it the earliest surviving school hymn of a Catholic school!

Bridle-bit of the gentle foal,
Wing of the homing bird,
Firm Helm of the ship set on its course,
Shepherd of the royal lambs;
Gather your scholars all around
To utter holy praise
And with those lips that speak no wrong
To chant in guileless song
For Christ, the guide of youth.

King of holiness,
Word whose rule all must obey
Born of highest heaven's Father,
Prince of wisdom;
Support in toil with graciousness unending,
Saviour of the breed of mortal men.

Shepherd and ploughman,
Helm and bridle,
Heavenward wing of an all-hallowed flock:
Fisher of all who cry for help,
Whom He sweeps safe from the high seas of sin,
Innocent fish from the hostile swell
Caught with the bait of a sweet way of life.

Holy shepherd of the flock divine,
king of unspoilt youth,
Lead the way!
The footsteps of Christ
Are the track to…