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Why we should be teaching like Socrates

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Drawing together the threads of experience ... 2019 reflections on a life in education

What follows has been written as part of my studies and relection in a doctoral programme, and was not conceived of as a blog post. But in this time of COVID everyone seems to reflecting on their lives and sharing the fruits of those reflections, so I have decided to share these thoughts, composed almost entirely in summer 2019, but which are still a work in progress. I hope that they will be of interest to those who know of me and my work and that noone is too offended by any of the anecdotes or remarks I include. I ask God to bless anyone who may read this, and to bless me also. Ferdi McDermott, July 2020. Ad majorem Dei gloriam   My Quest for the Educational Holy Grail   Ferdi McDermott     “Not all those who wander are lost.”   J.R.R. Tolkien, Above: participating in a debate with my Year 11 English class, 2019. Below: Oedipus with his children for the last time. (From our 2018 summer play, directed by me.) My Quest for the Educational Holy Grail a per